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Muskoka Lakes Public Library

Mission Statement

The Township of Muskoka Lakes Libraries are committed to enhancing the development of vibrant communities through the promotion of literacy and lifelong learning.


Your library will provide a welcoming environment where individuals can develop and enrich their literacy skills through technology, social interaction and the traditional written word. It will appreciate the distinct communities it serves while fostering the special sense of Muskoka.

Library Staff

Muskoka Lakes Public Library
Cathy Duck , CEO/Chief Librarian CDuck@pclib.ca

Library Assistants/Circulation Staff

Port Carling:
Lorna MacFarlane
Nancy Doran
Maggie Curry
Wyatt Poulton

Eva Moore

Library Board

Councillor Donelda Kruckel - Chairperson
Douglas McIntyre - Vice Chairperson
Councillor Jean-Ann Baranik - Deputy Vice Chairperson
Christine Featherstone
Patricia Gidley
Shirley Gordon
Sandy Tozer Spence

Featured Sites

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Ontario Goverment

visitors since October 27, 2007


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